Hi, I'm Kim Ku.

I make Web Products, Printed Matter, and Silkscreen Books.

I'm currently a freelance designer in New York City.
Open to talk shop and new opportunities!

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Harvest's WalkaboutNYC's visual branding and UI experience was redesigned to better reflect its commitment to help connect the tech startup space with a wider audience.

My Role: I was the primary brand and UI designer, front-end developer, and animator.

Harvest Chrome Extension

Harvest Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension was developed so that Basecamp and Trello customers could seamlessly track time to their projects with Harvest.

This idea evolved into the Harvest Platform so users could natively implement time tracking to any application.

My Role: I worked in a team of 2 designers and 2 developers on UI design and front-end development.


Harvest Onboarding Illustrations

Playful illustrations to promote a friendly and positive first-time user experience for Harvest customers.

My Role: I worked closely with the project designer to get the feel just right.

Twistrose key

Otis the Tractor

Design and development for the Penguin Young Readers title, Otis the Tractor.

My Role: I was the primary designer, developer, and game maker.

Twistrose key

Thirteen Reasons Why

Design and development for the Penguin Young Readers title, Thirteen Reasons Why.

My Role: I worked on the site from design to development.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time Stationery Products

Left to right: Postcard library box set, notebook set, pocket journal.

To set the Abrams Noterie stationery apart from the competition, the pre-approved Adventure Time art was stripped down to linework and built back up with a sophisticated and textured body.

My Role: I was the primary designer working closely with the Art Director.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Editorial & Marketing

Top to bottom: Diary of a Wimpy Kid box sets, stationery products, foldable map promotion, bookstore display, bus wrap

Thoughtful print and digital design to keep Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a decade-old middle-grade book series, looking fresh and clean.

My Role: I'm the primary designer/art director, working closely with the brand directors.

Ghost Noir

House of Ghost

Using a die-cutting printer and silkscreening on acetate, House of Ghost is a faux stained glass artist book.

Ghost Noir

Ghost Noir

Ghost Noir is a pop-up silkscreen artist book that was selected for the Society of Illustrators: Comic & Cartoon Art Annual in 2014.